Occupational Safety & Health RGSRM on
Top of Things Overview

To PREVENT occupational injuries and illnesses by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling occupational safety and health hazards is the goal of an OSH program.The team at Barragan Corp International, A Strategic Risk Management Company realized that SAFETY AWARENESS is a vital element in ALL human endeavors (general industry, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, government, education, health care, waste management, gasoline/oil refineries, facilities management, retail, transportation, utilities, etc.).Barragan Corp International, A Strategic Risk Management Company is committed to strong, fair, and effective compliance of safety and health requirements in the work place.Barragan Corp International added an explosive safety program that focuses on the handling, storage, and transportation of explosives designed to increase employee’s safety and reduce accidents involving damage to property, serious injury, or fatalities caused by improper handling of explosives.

The SRM team uses qualitative and quantitative analysis of simple and complex products, systems, operations, and activities to identify hazards. We are creditable safety professionals, who are engaged in the prevention of accidents, incidents, and events that harm people, property, or the environment. We evaluate the hazards to identify what events can occur and the likelihood of occurrence, severity of results, risks (using a combination of severity or probability), and costs. We make recommendations to employers that may involve administration controls (plans, policies, procedures, training, etc.), engineering controls (safety features and systems, fail safe features, barriers, and other forms of protection), and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The SRM team remains current in new technologies; and keeps up with current changes in Federal, State, and local safety standards and regulations.

By keeping up with these changes that affect the safety profession, we are able to perform the required safety professional functions with confidence, competence, and respected authority. 

The SRM team adapts our functions to fit the mission, operations, and climate of YOUR organization.