About us Overview

Through a quarter century of safety and risk management experience, we have seen industrial and construction organizations become too comfortable with their daily routines. Mishaps have become acceptable, contributing to an accident prone culture, resulting in organizational loss.  At Barragan Corp International, A Strategic Risk Management Company, we are committed to changing this culture.

This commitment to a safe work environment, coupled with loss control services has led to Barragan Corp International emerging as one of the premier safety and risk management firms in the southwestern United States.   Barragan Corp International provides management services for Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP).  It performs site assessments, OSH audits for compliance and provides training and education for General Industry. Barragan Corp International also lends its expertise to both government and private sectors for  Training and Education.

Please visit the appropriate tab for more information on the specific services that we provide as well as a list of training courses.

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